Turtle tours

From: $40.00



Activities where we will observe the impressive hatching of the learherback, hawksbill, and green turtle by night.

From June to August you may observe the green turtle and from June to April the leatherback turtles make there appearances. In these months you may also be able to see the hawksbill turtle. The loggerhead turtle can also be found in the season of

Includes: certified bilingual guide, risk policy, and ticket from the pro turtles association ccc

Recommended to bring: Repelent, longsleeve shirt and long pants, tennis shoes with laces, lamp or flashlight, reuseable water bottle.

Not recommended to bring: cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, flashphotography cameras

Note: The price of the tour will not include the tickets for the Tortuguero National Park. Tickets at $15 per person.