Sarapiquí Chocolat Tour

From: $40.00

  • Bilingual Naturalistic Guide
  • Samples of chocolate.


(2 hours) takes you on a journey through time to discover the story behind the drink of the gods. How was it prepared by our ancestors? How has it been modified through time? How is it prepared today? Take your palate on a ride through the tastes of chocolate and cocoa.

Learn about the cacao plantation and the impact this plant has had on the global economy throughout history. The chocolate tour is an educational and enjoyable activity, for all ages. The two hour tour will start in the 2 acres of cacao plantation. Learn all about the cacao plant, flowers and pollination, and then head to the Cacao Rancho in the middle of the RESERVA CURARE (Private protected forest). The Rancho has room for 50 sitting people and it is only 150 meters from the route 4 at Chilamate. While learning about the history of cacao, you will have the chance to see, taste, drink and feel all the stages of the chocolate process.

Our expert naturalist guides and chefs will guide you through the manipulation of the seed into edible samples of chocolate.