Rafting Overnight Tour – 2 Days

From: $199.00


The overnight tour is an option for people who want to enjoy an experience full of adventure and adrenaline. In this tour you will enjoy a night where you will be able to interact with the nature of the river Sarapiquí in a fun and safety way.

We will start with a safety talk in an interactive way, then you will go to the rafting class II-III tour where you will experience the adventure of one of the best tours of rapids on the river Sarapiquí where you can appreciate the beautiful natural environment.

Rescue techniques will be carried out on the Sarapiquí River waters. There will also be the rafting tour class III-IV in which you can experiment an extreme adventure. There will be recreational outdoor activities where you will work as a team with other people in a natural and safe environment. The next day will be rafting class IV-III where you will have the largest adventure of rapids surrounded by nature of the Sarapiqui River.

This tour includes four typical meals.

Day One:

Arrival at 09:00 to the headquarters in the Virgen de Sarapiquí. We will start with the safety talk and we will continue with the rafting tour class II-III that lasts approximately two hours in which will be applied the taught by the guides in the talk. During the tour you will go through the rapids of the Sarapiquí River followed by a stop to eat snacks with seasonal fruits and swim in the natural pools of the river. At the end of the tour they will be transported to the headquarters.

At 12:00 you will enjoy a delicious barbecue by the river to rest for the next activity.

At 13:00 rescue practices will be carried out on the river where you will do rescue, rope throwing, how to load a victim to the raft, and others.

At 16:00 we will move on to recreational activities and group games.

At 18:00 there will be a dinner with barbecue, music and activities scheduled for the night.

Day Two:

At 7:00 it will be breakfast and then prepare the equipment for the rafting tour class III-IV.

At 9:00 will leave the headquarters to the community of San Miguel where the tour will begin. The rafting tour class III-IV lasts about two hours, mid-way will eat some seasonal fruits and then continue the tour.

At 12:00 the rafting III-IV tour will end at the headquarters with an outdoor lunch.