Kayak Beginner Clinic – 3 Days

From: $100.00

Our Beginner’s Clinic is great for someone who has some kayak experience and is looking to improve their basic skills and move up to the next level; all while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Sarapiqui River. In this kayaking clinic for advanced beginners, we teach and refine the techniques needed to paddle a kayak safely and confidently on class II Rivers.

The Sarapiqui Outdoor Center has professional instructors certified by the American Canoe Association (ACA) and the National Learning Institute (INA), who are ready to give you a unique experience.

Please note: We require a minimum of 2 people to run a kayak clinic. If the requirement is not met, there will be an additional charge of 50% of the price for the clinic to operate.


Our 1-day kayak beginner’s clinic focuses on:

  • Improving student’s balance, posture and boat edging skills.
  • Applying solid flatwater technique to Class II whitewater paddling.
  • Gaining confidence with Class II eddy turns, peel outs and ferries.
  • Eddy hopping and boat scouting down Class II rapids.
  • Performing basic play moves such as wave and hole surfing on Class II whitewater and stern squirting on moving water.
  • Using waves to cross currents.
  • Depending on the group, we may also introduce rolling.

2-day kayak clinic:

In the 2-day kayak clinic, we work on refining your maneuvering skills, including eddy turns, peel outs, ferries, self-rescue and basic surfing. After a review of the basic strokes, including sweep strokes, forward strokes, draws, and braces, we introduce or improve upon your strokes and maneuvers such as the gliding draw, bracing and edging the kayak.

3-day kayak clinic:

In this 3-day kayaking clinic for advanced beginner kayakers, we teach and refine the kayaking techniques, tips, and skills needed to paddle a kayak safely and confidently on Class II river. We also introduce wave and hole surfing. On the third day we work on rolling, surfing, and refining class II techniques.