Exuberant, paradise, mystical… A network of wonderful and scenic waterways. Considered one of the richest regions in flora and fauna of Costa Rica. Tortuguero is one of the wildest areas in Costa Rica, with the largest biological variety. 11 habitats have been identified, as well as 2000 species of plants and 400 species of trees. There is also a wide variety of wildlife.


Tortuguero National Park is located on the coast of the Caribbean province of Limon, about 80km northeast of the city of the same name. It was established through law No. 5680 of November 17, 1975. It is an area of 18.946.9 hectares on the land and 52.265 hectares on the marine.

Sea turtle sanctuary.

It is the most important area of all the Western half of the Caribbean, for the nesting of the green turtle. Other species of sea turtles that also lay their eggs on the beach are the Leatherback and the hawksbill. The Park is crossed by a natural system of lagoons and waterways of great scenic beauty and they are the habitat for species of land turtles, the Manatee or sea cow, crocodile, 52 species of freshwater fish and crustaceans, including Gaspar fish.


It was created to protect the flora and fauna of this region, as well as to facilitate research, scientific studies and promote environmental education. There are three areas of life: very humid tropical forest, transition from humid premontane forest transition to basal and rain forest. It includes eight types of larger associations (trees, shrubs and herbs) and three smaller associations (mainly herbs).

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