San Miguel de Sarapiquí

San Miguel de Sarapiquí it is a little town located upon the Sarapiqupí River, and strategic point for our operation, because it is in there where we find the put in for the rafting tour with rapids class III & IV.

We carry the security as a badge, and the deep knowledge of the river it’s a must in any rafting company.

If you wants to read more about rapids classificantios follow this link.

Check this map, it was re-created with satellital photograpy and 3d software. See the road runs to the north down with the river, go trow the bario Corazón de Jesús…

La Virgen it is the next town and where ends the rafting tour class III & IV.

San Miguel de Sarapiquí
by lvkasps

Here is a video to see San Ramón de Sarapiquí from highness.

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