New 130 Meters Waterfall With Hot Water

Carata Caliente

To the north face of the Arenal volcano, costarican mountain climbers find the Gran Termal Waterfall, on Caliente river.

These arise from infiltrated water of the volcano that is born in high slopes, the mountain climbers had a hard work to get ther, after find an irregularity on the cartographic map that looks like a waterfall.

Original news and pictures from La Republica

In deed, asking for permissions to walk thow some private properties and doing profesional rappeling they find this amazing 130 meters waterfall with hot water and amazing vivid colors.

Catarata rio calienteThe geologist Alejando Argüello jointd the climbers on this excursion and explain to the local media La Republica on this note, that the color of the river chages on walking on it, because the volcanic elements, the temperatures and atmospheric presure.

It is amazing to know there is new places waiting to be explored.


This is a 3D model of the Arenal Volcano

Volcan Arenal
by lvkasps
on Sketchfab

Sarapiquí Outdoor Center offers this canyoning tour in Bajos del Toro, hiking and rappel on two waterfalls and a tree!

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