Costa Rica Butterflies

costa rica butterflies


Costa Rica butterflies make up 90% of al Central American butterflies, 66% of neo-tropical butterflies, and 18% of the world’s species.

Costa Rica harbors near 1.500 species of butterflies and 12.000 moths in the Lepidoptera order. The best time to observe butterflies in Costa Rica is during rainy season, from June to November.Butterflies and moths are common year round. Ten percent of known butterfly species worldwide reside in Costa Rica.
Costa Rican butterflies and moths have made amazing adaptations to the environment. Some examples of these are the following:

•Swallowtail caterpillars imitate bird droppings and many others have bright colours to warn predators of bodily toxins.
•What someone could easily mistake for a butterfly, a wasp, or a leaf in Costa Rica might be a moth engaging in Müllerian or Batesian mimicry.

Ecotourism is one of Costa Rica’s primary economic resources, and the country’s butterflies add a lot to that. They bring life to tropical forests, not only with the diversity in colour, but with the magnificence of the flowers that they help pollinate.

Some common butterflies and moths in Costa Rica include:

• Thoas swallowtail
• Marpesia berania
• Doxocopa laure
• Banded peacock
• Zebra longwing
• Morpho butterfly
• Green page moth
• Glasswing



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