At what age can you enjoy the white water rapids?

Before we start. What are the rapids?

Generally we know a rapid it is the crashing descents in the current of a river, they are also known as white waters, because of the color they take due to the turbulence.

This waters is enjoyable in activities where we can navigate with raft or kayak, of course, we recommend always do it taking all the necessary safety measures.

How are the rapids classified?

To classify the rapids there is an international classification, it is widely accepted and it groups the rapids according to the difficulties they represent to navigate them.


Flat Waters: They are bodies of water with flat surface, swirls, hollows and almost imperceptible waves.

Class I: Very easy, bodies of water with almost flat surface, small waves and turbulence, easily navigable.

Class II: Easy, waters of little turbulence with some holes of about 25 centimeters, does not represent danger for a swimmer.

From this point we will call them whitewater rapids

Class III: Intermediate level, turbulence with holes and waves of one meter. Swirls of care for swimmers and the boats. It is recommended to know the river and use good technique.

Class IV: It is difficult but predictable turbulence, waves and holes of up to two meters, with considerable swirls for boats. It requires good technique and know the river, in fact, can have very narrow steps that require very technical maneuvers according to the level of the river.

Class V: Experts, very turbulent waters with waves and holes of more than two meters, has dangerous swirls and even waterfalls, it is necessary to know the river well and handle the necessary techniques very well.

Class VI: At your own risk, they are considered non-navigable waters.

Each river is unique and has different types of rapids, important to always maintain the composure and pay attention to the safety measures provided by professionals in the field, so that the time in the river be safe and a full enjoyment plasure with your friends and family.

Among our tours you can find variety of rapids, there are for all tastes and ages, find the minimum age in the description tabs of each tour of the store.

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