Enjoy a self guided guided Botanical tour in our Operations Center located on the banks of the Sarapiquí River, Natural Heritage of Costa Rica and one of the cleanest and most beautiful in the country.
During the tour in our trails you will be able to identify the tropical plants, in addition you will be able to appreciate the great variety of colorful frogs typical of this area.
Book with Sarapiqui Outdoor Center and enjoy this benefit.
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Cordyline fruticosa
Red dracaena
Caña India
Family: Asteliaceae

Description : Shrub or small tree to 4m tall.Entire elliptical to lanceolate leaves, 30-60cm long , spiraling and clustered at top of stem.

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Bambusa vulgaris
Common bamboo
Family: Poaceae

Description: Shrub or small tree to 4m tall.Entire elliptical to lanceolate leaves, 30-60cm long , spiraling and clustered at top of stem.

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Alpinia purpurata
Red ginger, Pink ginger
Family: Zingiberaceae

Description: Usually under 2 m tall, but may reach 4m.Large, sheathing leaves, to 75 cm, alternating up stem, wich is topped by an inflorescense ,30-50 cm long, made up of spiraling, red bracts and white flowers.

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Carludovica Rotudifolia
Panama hat palm
Palma de sombrero 
Family: Cyclanthaceae  

Description: Long stemmed, pleated leaf ca. 1.5 m across, divide into 4 parts, each regularly toothed-that is, with fingerlike fringes or segments of about equal lenghts, juvenile leaves are usually rounded and 2-parted.

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Stachytarpheta frantzii
Family: Verbenaceae

Description: Shrub to 2 m, with many branches. Leaves opposite, to 15 cm (smaller toward top), toothed on margin, soft pubescence on both sides of the leaf and on the angular branches. Purple flower.

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Manibol esculenta
Family: Euphorbiaceae

Description: Shrub or tree to 3+m with milky latex, many varieties , so characteristics vary.

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Piper nigrum
Black pepper

Family: Piperaceae

Description: Opposite each leaf is a pendant flower spike of crowded, reduced , green flowers , lacking petals.

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Saccharum officinarum
Sugar cane
Caña de azúcar
Family: Poaceae

Description: Clumpst grass 4-6m tall in cultivated fields ,the robust sweet tasting stems or ´canes´ often with waxy bluish coloration, leafless toward base,many nodes in the stem.

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Coffea arabica
Family: Rubiaceae

Description:  Opposite, entire leaves, dark green and shiny, to 20 cm long with tapering tip, pointed stipules tiny domatia in leaf axilis on underside appear as little bumps above.

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Theobroma cacao
Family: Sterculiaceae

Description: Small 5-petaled flowers, long stemmed and petals white with red streaks and wider yellow tips, Each petal with a basal pouch where anthers develop, red satminodes protrude from flower center.

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Bursera simaruba
Gumbo limbo
Indio desnudo
Family: Burseraceae

Description: Tree to 25m,deciduous,with resinous sap,photosynthetic, greenish thunks covered by copper-colored bark than peles off in thin, papery strips.

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Dracaena fragrans
Corn plant
Caña india
Family: Dracaenaceae

Description: Leafy to 6 m,Usually not branching. Arching, sessile, straplike leaves Usually less than 1m long.

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Acnistus arborescens
Wildtree tobacco
Family: Solanaceae

Description: Small tree 2-10 m, with disorderly Crown.

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Carapa guianensis
Cedro macho

Description: Tree to 40 +m, with buttressing in older trees, bark shed in circular plates, very large.

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Montrichardia arborescens
Family: Araceae

Description: Prickly stem 3-4 mlong ,thick{5cm} at base, aquatic arrowhead-shaped leaf bladeto 40+cm long.
plates, very large.

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Banano, Plátano
Family: Musaceae

Description: Stem underground rhizomatous of splitting their large leaves, whose pods are arranged in tightly packed spiral each other, constituting the false trunk. large, simple, whole, with sheath and petiole usually with leaves. Abayados or capsular fruits.

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Dumb cane
Rayo de luna

Description: In general ,terrestrial ,fleshy plants ,often ca.1m tall but to more tan 2m,milky sap ,in some species crushed plant gives off skunklike odor.

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Monstera deliciosa
Swiss cheese plant
Costilla de Adán

Description: Mature leaves huge ,dark green,rounded in overall shape, but with deep cuts ad holes of variousa sizes shapes.

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Xantbosoma undipes
Elephant ear
Oreja de elefante

Description: Large plant with thick,1.5+ m-tall fissured thunk,tan and spongry corky,with tubercles.

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Chamaedora costaricana
Costa rican bamboo palm

Description: Slender and green ,to 6+, clumped . Smooth, pinately compound leaves, ca 1 long.

Cocos nucifera

Description: To 30 m, with grayish, often arching, thunks with swelling at base, where thousands of adventitious roots emerge.

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Heliconia monteverdensis

Description: 1-2 m tall .leaf blade ca.60cm long ,often with maroon con stem and dark margino n leaf.Erect ,spiral inflorecense with 5-9 red bracts,floweres cream or ligth yellow.

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Asplenium  auritum
Auricled spleenword
Family: Aspleniacea

Description: Often forms loose colonies by root proliferation .
One–pinnate pinnatifid,10-20 pairs stalked pinnae,frond with tapering tip bases pinnae. 

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Pachystacbys  lutea
Golden shrimp plant

Description: Shrub 1 top 1.5 m tall,Ellliptical,entire leaves to 12cm long.Erect,terminal inflorescense,ca .8cm long,composed of overlapping goldenyellow bracts.

Carica papaya

Family: Caricáceas

Description: The plant has a trunk without branches (usually only if your trunk branches is injured), of a height between 1.8 and 2.5 m, crowned by foliage in circular shape and provided with long petioles.

Mandarina (o)

Familia: Rutacea

Description: It is more like citrus orange, but smaller, more aromatic and more easily to remove your skin in most varieties taste and a slightly lower acidity and a higher proportion of simple sugars.

Philodendron bipinnatifidum
Family: Araceae

Description: It is a species of evergreen shrub, not crawling, subfamily of the Aroideae, native to eastern South America.

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Davallia mariesii.
Helecho pata de conejo
Family: Davalliaceae

Description: Ferns are rather creeping ones with rhizomatous roots and scaly that can be epiphytes living on earth or other plants without parasitarlas, grow and thick bark of trees or in rocky crevices.


Pentaclethra macroloba
Family: Fabaceae

Description: Pentaclethra is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family, Fabaceae. It belongs to the subfamily Mimosoideae. Some genus members occur in the Central American region.

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Zygia longifolia
Family: Fabaceae

Description: They are trees, reaching a size of up to 5-15 m high; glabrous branches and stems.

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Schefflera actinophylla
Familia: Araliaceae

Description: Schefflera  is a genus of flowering plants in the family Araliaceae. The plants are trees, shrubs or lianas, growing 1–30 metres tall, with woody stems and palmately compound leaves.

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Heliconia latispatha
Familia: Heliconiaceae

Description: Peduncle 10-60 cm long, glabrous, green with brown spots, upright inflorescence, up to 46 cm long, rachis green, red, orange or yellow, glabrous.

Heliconia pogonantha
Family: Heliconiaceae

Description: It is a genus that groups more than 100 species of tropical plants, originating in South America, Central America, the Pacific Islands and Indonesia. They are called by their leaves platanillo

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Heliconia wagneriana
Family: Heliconiaceae

Description: Reaches up to 2.5 m high and used to have 4-5 linear-lanceolate leaves, long petioles, targeted and more than 80 cm in length. Bracts.

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Chamaedorea tepejilote
Family: Arecaceae

Description: The immature male inflorescences of the plant are considered a delicacy in Guatemala and El Salvador. The unopened infloresences resemble an ear of corn in appearance and size.

Anthurim upalaense
Family: Araceae

Description: There are two types of anthurium under cultivation: the foliage and the flowering types. The foliage is grown for their velvety leaves while the flowering type is for their showy flowers, which consists of spadix and spathe.

Phlebodium aureum
Family: polypodiaceae

Description: It is a rhizomatous fern, with rhizomes 8-15 mm. in diameter (rarely 30 mm), densely covered with reddish-golden scales that give the species its name. The fronds are large and pinnatifid (deeply lobed), 3-13 cm long and 1-5 dm.

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