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Do you need more adrenaline? If you have mastered Class II and are ready for the next challenge, an intermediate kayaking clinic is the next step. Our Class III kayaking clinic works on refining eddy turns, peel outs and ferries so they work on the more powerful water and smaller eddies found on Class III rapids. In addition, we use surfing waves to cross fast currents and we work on eddy hopping to scout what’s up ahead. We spend about a third of this clinic on flatwater, a third on class II whitewater and a third on class III whitewater. Participants must be able to perform eddy turns, peel outs and ferries in a kayak on class II whitewater, roll (>50%) on Class II whitewater and perform self-rescues.

One day Class III Clinic:
Learn the skills that will take your kayaking to an intermediate level on our one-day Class III clinic. Find out how to break class III whitewater down into smaller, less intimidating sections and practice planning and executing moves more consistently as you paddle in Costa Rica white water. This clinic focuses on improving your precision kayaking and is appropriate for advanced beginner (class II) and intermediate kayakers.
In our 1-day class III clinic, students learn: How to break a Class III rapid into smaller, less intimidating parts, to plan and execute Class III moves consistently, how to read the finer points of a rapid and execute precision maneuvers, how to paddle aggressively in powerful current

Two days Class III Clinic:
Our 2-days class III kayak clinics also cover: Catching micro-eddies, rolling on Class II and III rapids, using waves to cross powerful currents, weighting and unweighting the bow and stern.

Tour is available all year round. Tour starts at 08:30AM. Tour duration is 8 Hours.

Each day includes:

Kayak, safety equipment, INA and ACA Instructor, barbeque lunch, transportation from SOC to and from the paddling sites, tropical coconut cocktail.


All tours require a minimum of 2 people to start. If the requirement is not met, there will be an additional charge of 50% of the tour price for tour to operate.

We recommend bringing:

• Swimsuit and/or shorts.
• Sun cream.
• String or strap to secure your glasses.
• Short or long pants (for sun protection only). No jeans.
• Water shoes or sandals with ankle straps. No flip flops.
• Light rain jacket and/or polypropylene, wool shirts for cool or rainy days. Cotton T-shirts for sunny days only (they make you colder when wet).


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