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Restaurant Sarapiqui

Best Restaurant Sarapiqui 


Enjoy the best dishes of the area prepared with fresh products by  our producers. Enjoy a natural ambience in our restaurant by the river, Our cooks are from our town. Enjoy authentic Costa Rican cuisine.

BREAKFAST $7 per person

  • Gallo pinto

Traditional Costa Rican dish of rice and beans, served with eggs, bread, fruit, and juice or tea

  • Omelette

Ham and cheese omellete, juice or tea

  • Tropical Fruits and Juices

  • Pancakes                                                                                                                                   

(served with honey and butter, fruit, orange juice or tea)

Lunch $10 per person

  • Pasta

Spaghetti with vegetables in Bolognese, pesto, or creole sauce, accompanied with garlic bread and rolls, juice or tea

  • BBQ

Pork ribs, rice, salad, steamed vegetables, roasted plantains, pico de gallo, juice or tea

  • Traditional Typical Lunch (Casado)

Rice, beans, plantains, diced vegetables, hash, with choice of steak, chicken, or fish, juice or tea

  • Salads

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