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Bats represent almost 50% of the mammals in Costa Rica (113 species). We invite you to enjoy this adventure, the hallmark discovery of the wonders of this group.

The activity consists of a multimedia presentation, about 30 minutes, about the natural history of the bats: classification, diversity, adaptations, reproduction, and other threats.

After the presentation, a trained guide will provide visitors the opportunity to closely observe some bats caught that night in research projects.

Finally, visit the site where a demonstration network was placed, which is the same used to catch bats and thus explain the capture method used. Bats are caught and held by less than 2 hours.

The methods ensure animal welfare.

Tour stars at 7:30PM. This activity requires prior reservation and we recommend that after buying the ticket to contact us to arrange the visit.

We recommend bringing:

  • Shoes or boots with closed toe
  • Water
  • Repellen
  • Poncho or umbrella
  • Binoculars
  • Camera


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