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Hule Volcanic Lagoon


Breathtaking view to lake at dusk in tropical rainforest

This lovely lagoon, which covers 29 hectares and which is 15 meters deep, fills an ancient volcanic crater associated with a faultline that begins at Poás Volcano and connects Hule Lagoon and Congo Volcano (2,014 meters above sea level).

The blue hour at tropical rainforest and lake. Hule lagoon or Hule lake (Laguna del Hule) is perhaps one of the most beautiful in the country and the wildlife refuge where is located one of the places of high tourist potential, both for its scenic beauty and the abundance and biodiversity present in the forest that surrounds it.

Tourists arriving first to the viewpoint, when the sun shines, is stunned by the beauty gathered in a still unknown area for most Costa Ricans. Its shallow banks have favored the development of large numbers of aquatic macrophytes and guapotes waters abound. Around armadillos, white-faced and howler monkeys, otters in some nearby rivers and at least 170 species of birds (25% of the total identified in Costa Rica) are common. An occasional wild duck often break the silence in his brief flight and flapping sound.

Other representative species in the area are the butterflies and bats, of which 60 have been identified and 24 species, respectively. Given the congenital beauty of this volcanic landscape unmatched today a protected area called National Wildlife Bosque Alegre. The site that the lagoon occupies today was a volcano that exploded or sank, giving rise to a caldera and later to the small volcanic cone previously mentioned.

The basin has slowly filled with rainwater, which is abundant and heavy in this very hot, humid climate. The excess rainwater drains into the River Hule, a tributary of the River Cuarto, which flows to the northern plains.

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  Credit: Kryssia Campos

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