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Costa Rica Frogs

Costa Rica Frogs

Poison Dart Frogs

Costa Rica has 8 known species of poison dart frogs, also commonly called poison arrow frogs. These another of the most beautiful and well-known frog families in the country. A common misconception is that if you touch these frogs you will be poisoned and die. The toxicity of the poison depends on the sub-species, and the poison of Costa Rica’s dart frogs isn’t strong enough to penetrate through unbroken skin. However, you’re better off not risking it as you may have tiny cuts you’re unaware of, and these frogs are small, fragile and best left unhandled and viewed from distance.

Most frogs are active only at night when it is cooler and wetter but the dart frogs are active throughout the daylight hours. They avoid direct sunlight so that they don’t dehydrate, and are commonly found in damp soil, under leaf litter and on mossy foliage. I was also able to find these throughout the country’s forests. They are quite shy and will leap away as you approach

Lemur Leaf Frog

The lemur leaf frog is another of the world’s most stunning with it’s bulging bright silvery-white eyes. Its body also changes colors after being exposed to light from a darker, duller green to the more brightly spotted lime green you see pictured above. These frogs also lack webbing between their digits on the hands and feet.

Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Also called the red-eyed leaf frog or gaudy leaf frog, it’s easily distinguished by it’s vibrant colors and bright red eyes. Costa Rica has 43 species of tree frogs, none of which more famous. They can be found throughout most of the country and I was view them in nearly every location I went. They sleep through the day hanging on the underside of large tree leaves and are very well camouflaged. Each night at dusk as the forest darkens they awake and begin making a loud, distinct call. Once you learn and recognize their calls they become fairly easy to locate and view, but their calls are short lived and once night falls they’re not quite as noisy. Costa Rica’s most iconic amphibians is one you should definitely look out for when you visit!

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